Tombstones and their stories

What can you learn from a tombstone?
• Early tombstones were often flat, either upright on a block or in ground, plain
rectangles for with a rounded top.
• There might be a date of birth and/or the age at the time of death. There might be further information about relationships within the family


Angels symbolize rebirth or a messenger of God, a guardian. They may be flying, young or sorrowful looking. They are seen on children’s and adult’s graves including very old stones and modern ones.

Black granite heart shaped and hand carved angel gravestone


The cross symbolizes salvation. The Christian cross has one cross bar while the Eastern Orthodox has three, two straight and one at an angle.

Unique style Cross shaped Nero Impala granite gravestone

Trees and Plants 

• Flowers symbolize the brevity of life and sorrow. Certain flowers symbolize emotions. Lilies are a symbol of resurrection or purity. Roses indicate condolence or sorrow. Poppies are symbolic of sleep and therefore death.

• An ivy vine symbolizes abiding memory and friendship.

• The laurel branch symbolizes victory or glory.

Roses are one of the most common flowers seen. They are often with other symbols.

Trees and Plants headstone


The Lord is my light and my salvation;
whom should I fear?
The Lord is my life’s refuge;
of whom should I be afraid?
One thing I ask of the Lord;
this I seek:
To dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
That I may gaze on the loveliness of the Lord
and contemplate his temple.
People: Thanks be to God.
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DIY Pet Tombstone Memorial Stone!

When a beloved companion crosses the rainbow bridge, many a person ends up burying the pet in the yard. Grave markers are a useful way to memorialize your buried pet, so that you can contemplate the love you held for the pet for years to come. Making it can also be a lovely way to help children learn about the processes of life and death, and the importance of remembering lost loved ones.

Today we will share a way to diy your pet memorial stone ,or you can customized Monument for your pet!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

1.Bag of mortar mix. Must be mortar
2.A mold of sorts. such as a box instead.
4.Optional: Marbles, broken pieces of glass, mosaic glass, Shrinky Dinks, etc. for decoration.
5.A trowel for smoothing out the mortar.
6.Something to stir with.
7.A bucket.

Step 2: Pour Mortar Into a Bucket. Add Water.

Put a few of the mortar to a bucket. It could better to much more, rather than less. If you do not put more than enough, you may not discover until you have already put it in to the mold.

Scrape down to the very bottom on the bucket, be sure you get each last little bit of dried mortar mix. Stir, stir, stir. This is actually the the majority of tiring section of the total process.

The required consistency is actually slightly crumbly, just like thick mud. A 50 % in . within the mortar ought to keep very well on the trowel/stirrer when upside down with out falloff. It needs to be very thicker in order to put into the mold. You need to clean it out using your trowel. If this is the things you currently have, then well done

Step 3: Place Mortar Mud Into the Mold, and Smooth It Out.

Scoop out the mortar and place this into the mold. The section had taken some time, becuase i wanted this to get best. I have remove most of the mortar since I discovered it was a little too a lot.

Move out each of the leaves, rocks, hairs, other things that are might have fallen on the mortar by accident.

Step 4: Lettering/Designs/Decorating

When you’ve finished every thing correctly, your mortar must be very thick, but not runny in any way. Poke that using |some thing and make sure the actual mark stays on place.

Be sure you spell all kinds of things correctly considering that depending on your speed, an error might be difficult to repair.

Around the corner “designs” were through with my handy dandy drywall scraper.

If you were planning to add mosaic glass, or marbles, it is now time to put them in place.

A laminated photo from your pet can be placed at the moment as well. They will not sink

You also can Creative Ideas for Adorning Your Pet Headstone

Step5 Dry in some day

protect it from freezing temperatures
don’t let it get wet
don’t let anybody or something step on it
in a couple of days, remove it from the mold

How is a Headstone Made

Depending on when the headstone was made, the answer to the question of when it was made could be very different. For example, the “headstone” of choice for early man was a pile of rocks, sometimes burying the person with flowers wrapped around them. Although it is clear that these early humans felt loss when their loved one’s perished, these headstones may have had more to do with protecting the deceased human from hungry wolves, or other animals than to serve as places to come and honor their memories.

earlier times, many headstones were created of slate ,becase of it is easy to carve
. These beautifully pleasing headstones, though, would not usually last long because they familiar with crumble over time due to the somewhatporous nature of this material.

Fieldstone, also, was used to mark the graves as it was simple to mark. At the same time, wood and cast iron headstones had been also very popular, mainly while in the Victorian era.

Today, headstones are mainly designed for made of granite. It’s a amazing and elegant purely natural stone. Furthermore, this kind of high-quality product is durable and also very hard yet least expensive when compared with many other materials.

headstone design
headstone design

Furthermore, granite could stand up to extreme climates and also acid rain pollution. It is actually quarried with big bocks and then cleaned, polished, and also designed while in the headstone suppliers to make headstones.

Bronze is usually becoming favored today currently sturdy and resistant to harsh weather. Actually a number of memorial areas and also cemeteries permit just bronze grave markers and headstones.These types of headstones usually have a good granite base. Both these materials are really easy to maintain.

Bronze is usually a copper alloy traditionally which is used to create tools and even weapons. Different from many other materials, t will help increase a great detail during the design while will probably expand slightly when it is cast.

Marble, also, is a great solution. However , it will go over the period of time caused by factors like moisture, thereby leaving synonymous together with other information on the main marker blurry and indistinct.

Limestone is a the same material which takes on carving perfectly but tends to weather quickly. Sandstone, also, is simple to be able to carve on.

Besides, you could choose designed casting or even sandblasting to get amazing and also meaningful styles etched in the gravestone.

You could go with hand decoration too with an elegant and timeless appeal. It makes using the diamond tipped tool to get engraving directly onto the material. At the same time, you can purchase a range of fonts and colors.

Inscription is also very important part of Headstone design. It generally includes he name, date of birth, and date of death of the person lying in grave. In ancient time people use slate to make the head stone because its ability for easy in scripted. But now a day most of the headstones are made of granite. It is highly durable and cost effective.

Ideas for Gravestone Inscriptions

What is usually written on a Tombstone?  many people have ask this question,today we will provide some advice,or you can vist the old post Best Tips To Write On A Headstone

Gravestone inscriptions are usually divided into three sections: The heading includes words like “In Loving Memory”; the main body, which consists of the name, date of birth and death, and other appropriate wording, such as relationship to living family members; and a footnote line or verse

Tombstone epitaphs give us an opportunity to summarize a person’s life through a quote, statement or description. Some people have mottoes they carry with them through life or a quote that perfectly represents how they want to live life. Others have a favorite author who may have written a profound, existential quote that would be appropriate for a tombstone. It helps to think about the person’s individual accomplishments and personality traits when writing his tombstone. If he was a religious man, you can choose a reflective quote from his favorite scripture. Write a quote or passage that captures who he was and how he would want to be remembered.

Instead of a quote, you may want to write a short description of the person. If he was a firefighter or doctor, you can mention how he lived to save the lives of others. It is always appropriate to mention the significance of the person as a beloved family member. Was she a devoted mother, caring sister, and steadfast daughter? As a general message for a loved one, you can write that she was loved by everyone who knew her and that she will live on in the hearts and memories of future generations. End the message by telling the deceased that you will miss him, or conclude with “rest peacefully.”
Funny gravestone inscriptions are rare, but they do exist. Here are a few of them: “That’s All Folks!” “She did it the hard way.” , “Nothing in Moderation” . If you want a humorous gravestone inscription, you should write it now. Otherwise, your grieving relatives may come up with something far too somber for your taste. Here are a few suggestions to prime your imagination: Pardon me for not getting up, Gone fishing — Permanently, I’d rather be golfing, Go ahead — I’m a sucker for praise, Almost no regrets.

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Question of the headstone!

What is the difference between a headstone and a footstone?

The headstone is placed at the head of the grave,the footstone is placed at the foot. The headstone usually contains information on the deceased, such as birth and death dates, the footstone was typically left plain. You don’t see footstones very often on modern graves in modern cemeteries, but they are common in some cultures. I just visited a Shoshone cometary this morning and all the oldest graves had footstones, most of the newer ones also.

Where can i get a custom made headstone.?

All headstones are custom-made. It’s not like stone cutters have them waiting around with generic names and dates on them. Any cemetery will have references for stone carvers. When you visit the headstone maker, you can pick from designs they have already or bring in a picture of what you’d like. or you can vist our headstone design server .

Why are there pebbles placed on jewish headstones?

Stones were traditionally placed on graves as a mark of respect- it showed that people had been there. It also served an important purpose: Coming into contact with a dead body, or a piece of a body larger than a figure bone renders a person (tamei) impure- and, if a kohen, from being able to offer sacrifices or perform any other duties of a kohen. It would also prevent someone in such state from participating in sacrifices- such as sin opfferings, the Pesach sacrifice, thanksgiving offerings, going up to the temple to during the shalosh regalim etc. Thus knowing where graves are is important, more so in the past than now where graves were not necessarily in segregated graveyards, and had to be clearly marked to make sure they were not mistakenly plowed under, making it impossible for a kohen, or somebody on their way to perform holy activities, to cross the field. So the stones left behind by visitors formed a cairn that clearly marked the grave.

Marble headstone restoration?

about Marble headstone restoration? you can vist this article Monument Setting.

How do I add a Flower vase to a headstone?

The vases, usually made out of crushed granite and epoxy– are simply secured to the flat base of the headstone with a good butyl caulk- longer life the better. In fact the monument place where you get the vase can probably tell you which product they use specifically. Note the vase needs a drain hole or will freeze and burst.

Monument Setting

The word of gravestone can imply varying things to different people, do you thing so?

Pertaining to the process of gravestone resetting, we are about a one piece tablet stone. 1 piece tablets are monolithic, and are also built is usually setting them in part underground. The above surfacepart of stone, that we usually see, might be just one half of the gravestone total size.

Double Monument

Even though resetting is not really considered a word in any dictionary I have looked at, it is actually most definitely a necessary part any kind of gravestone conservation job. I have noticed other project employ the term gravestone straightening instead, however , this may not be a totally accurate call for that range of treatments it could |explain.

Gravestones put on a grade (hilly terrain), tend to be pushed down hill, really little by little with the causes of soil erosion. Depending on the orientation on the} hill, gravestones are likely lean ahead or backward, or sideways. The forward to backward lean is actually usually more serious on the problem.

The higher the lean, and also the higher the gravestone, the more critical the condition becomes. Overtime the gravestone with a forward to backward lean, will probably destroy with the point of which that gets into the ground. Over time, hairline breaks may perhaps develop, and also cause breakage This also turns into a target for lawn mowers as it projects out of the row, creating repair very hard.

Gravestones showing a sideways lean might be unsightly, but they are rarely at risk of going down caused by simple physics. Whether they do fall, it’s likely to stay slower motion, which has no major affect.

Gravestone resetting are extremely easy in theory, however the really technique is often very hard part. You never know what underground just before you start the excavation process.

Underground roots, stones, foundations, together with soil conditions may all be create a easy process difficult. Bigger gravestones needs to be raised by using a lifting tripod, to be able to reset these properly.

The main most import tip to go by if undertaking the gravestone resetting task is usually to often dig across the entire stone until the bottom is actually arrived at. When a thin gravestone is not really excavated totally, while pushed, it is extremely likely to snap which is where that meets the ground. When excavated to the bottom, straightening or raising could be carried out.

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How to Clean a Gravestone

One of the most generally asked questions is, how do I clean the stone? Even though the cleaning of a gravestone might seems quite easy, but this is not always the case. Every time a historic stone is cleaned,most of the stones surface can be removed in the process. Clean that too often, and all of the wording together with information might be cleaned away! The jiahengstone will tech you how to clean a gravestone.

Before any kind of cleaning may start, it really must be decided just what the purpose of the proposed cleaning project is. Most people’s first need is to “fix” the stone, or to make it look like a new once again. But, upon further consideration that might not really be desired to get the new looking stone in an older graveyard. It’s likely to stand out just like a sore thumb!

So what will be the driving force behind the need to clean up gravestones?

One of the reasons for this is to learn an in any other case obscured inscription. One other reason might be to return with the wonder of an otherwise discolored stone or statue. When it seems older, it is your own gut feeling it ought to be washed.

let us at this time think that in relation to what exactly perfect, to promote the life span from the gravestone, for helping protect it again.

Is the stone cleanable?

When the stone displays symptoms of breaking, scaling, flaking or other kinds of deterioration, you should not do any brushing with them or scraping as a part of cleaning process. You can do more problems and then good. Apply a top quality biological cleaning option just.

After that, know what types of stone would it be?

The kind of stone will be able to know what method ought to be used to clean it. Most typical gravestones might be sandstone, slate, marble, limestone, or granite, although there a wide range of some other possible solutions.

Regardless of what type of stone you will be cleaning, the 1st tip is almost always to be like gentle as you can. Use the least aggressive solution, to accomplish the cleaning plans needed; carefully without hurting the stone. It might be possible to clean the stone as quickly when you got wished before you start the work. Long-term biological development like lichens and molds might have been attached to the stone for many year and they are very variable with how quickly they could be removed.

A pump sprayer is best suited for for some gravestone cleaning operations. The sprayer will use much less water then the older bucket and brush way.

Ideas regarding brush choice: Some conservators suggest against by using purely natural bristle brushes because they might leave behind residue which can increase future biological growth. In a purest sense this might be true, and when conserving artifacts in a museum setting, this might be helpful advice. Gravestones in an outdoor environment usually do not sound like effected with this extremely minor, possible residual effect, which normal bristles advertise. On the flip side, normal bristle brushes can be softer and more effective for most kinds of stone cleaning.

Always remember to rinse often as the cleaning progresses to monitor for flaking or scaling to the stone.

I love to use plastic scrapers when ever possible to remove biological activity. Certain kinds of development can be taken off fast and effectively together with only the use of plastic. They are offered from your home centers and hardware suppliers with a affordable cost.

Choose the package by assorted sizes. Not every plastic scrapers are formed from the same high quality and hardness of plastic. In many respects the softer the plastic better.

Instead of damaging the stone, the plastic wears away fairly quickly.

Always scrub in a random orbit motion, to avoid streaking or erosion to the surface of the stone. Many conservators make an issue to recommend starting the cleaning operation at the bottom of the stone, working towards the top. This serves to avoid staining the stone from runoff as the cleaning advances upward. I have found that with an average sized gravestone or monument, it makes little difference where you start cleaning, provided you clean the entire side once you begin. But, most importantly be sure to completely rinse off the stone before it dries. Streaking and staining, may result if the dirty water is allowed to evaporate before being rinsed from the stone.

Customized Monument For Your Loved Pet

It is often the best choice of pet owners to purchase a memorial stone to honor the memory of their loved pet when tragedy strikes in the form of the death of a pet. Currently there are a few different designs and styles to choose from giving you a chance to find the perfect stone to remind you of the times spent with your pet. Some of the most frequently purchased memorial stones are Garden stones and Monument stones.

The size of these Memorial Granite Headstones is usually in hand carved and around 6 to 12 inches which offering sufficient workable space to create a simple memorial. As the client, you can select the layout and approve the details before finalizing the look of the stone.

A Garden stone is also an additional popular choice for an animal memorial stone. Often image-based, garden stones are obtainable in different designs and styles. Special animal shaped memorials can be purchased as decoration for use in your garden. These may also be inscribed. As decorative things, simple granite headstones may be adorned with imbedded text or graphics. Other choices feature inscriptions with poetry or popular sayings that are in raised lettering on the stone. Background scenes can also be incorporated utilizing a variety of templates that can be supplied by companies. To display a garden monument at any angle, stands are available.

Simple Structure Granite Fox sculpture

Special design monument stones are also chosen as pet memorial stones. Displayed in an upright position, these stones elegantly show your pet’s information and a few lines of text in a tasteful way. Located in a garden or outdoor area for viewing, these hand-carved monuments make a beautiful display. The monument stones can usually be obtained in a compact as well as a full-sized version to suit. Only basic information can be displayed on the smaller stones whereas additional lines of text and graphics can be added to the larger sized monument stone.


When picking to purchase animal memorial stones, be sure to investigate the company’s reputation and testimonials provided. Also seek out any options for personalization on the product. Other good elements to look for are return policies and high standards of production and service. Especially when using a company for stone work, be sure to investigate the company’s creation process (initial selection, smoothing, chiseling, etc) and other relevant information.

One thing pride ourselves on is the fact we use only top-quality materials and the highest craftsmanship on the Monuments or Tombstones. Hope you will be able to cherish your pet’s memory because of the durability of stone work helping you positively deal with the loss.

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Find Memorials As A Lasting Tribute To A Loved

We all want to make something special for our loved one, however, find stone memorials to honor is painful but can’t be ignore. Stone should be carefully selected that fine texture, hard and resistant to weathering, carefully chipped, first grinding smooth, and then carved. although hundreds of years of wind and rain, the memorial stone still no erosion, no moss, as if just to create built; some painted tombstones, several hundred years later still magnificent, triumphant light. 0and custom stone memorials are a beautiful and enduring way to honor the life of someone dear to you.

Your loved one may be gone, but you can ensure that they will always be remembered. Designing your own custom memorial allows you to capture the meaning and essence of your loved one, and to create a lasting memory.

Granite Bench Memorial

Was there an outdoor space that your loved one frequented? Perhaps they had a favorite park or quiet place where they would often go to think and reflect. Do you have special memories of spending time in a special place with them?

Installing a memorial bench in a special location offers not only an ideal way to memorialize the person but also the place that was special to them or to both of you. When you design and place the bench in that special place, you can visit it and remember them again and again.

You may also obtain permission and donate the bench to a public space, so that others can enjoy this beautiful tribute.

White Color Granite Bench Memorial

Memorial Plaques

For a less obtrusive celebratory monument, consider a custom carved stone tablet or plaque in your dear one’s honor.

If your loved one enjoyed gardening, or if the two of you spent hours outside in the garden together, adding a memorial plaque can honor your memories. Or consider small stone garden markers, carved with their favorite scripture or sayings.

If your best moments were spent whiling away the afternoon under a tree or swinging on the front porch, a natural stone plaque will blend in with the surroundings, and remind generations to come of a special person loved.


Stone sculptures can be created to personally reflect your loved one’s style like granite memorial with rose sculpture, with just a glance, help to conjure memories that will last for many lifetimes. You can even donate your memorial Nice Decorative Granite Fountain or sculpture to a public park or open space in your community, so that others can appreciate its beauty as well.

The monument be designed and made in any shapes and be made of any or combined materials according to customers demand. Custom memorials are the perfect way to preserve those memories of love and life for someone who is no longer with you. They are as personal and as unique as a life well lived. Come to to get more choice.

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